Sea Change

Sea Change
Art by Norman E. Masters

Into The Infinite Sea Of You

In the Light of Your Loving, i am Your dreaming
into time, out-of-time, exploring all Yonders
in the Infinite Sea of You...

i have traveled to the far shores of my longing
seeking You -- in Your uttermost beauty of naked revelation...
not seeing that You always *were* the very Sea
i was seeking You upon... as ever-here as the air i breathe;
and the very fact that i breathe is Your Divine Breath *in* me...

As near as my very breath; nearer still
in the breathlessness of death...
i *swim* in You & dream on in You...
still wooing the Illimitable of You
because i *love* wooing You!

Flame the blazerie of Our Love thru my heart;
make my heart Your burning bush;
& savor the fragrance of my burning-yearning
to come into *all* of You.

~~wynn manners

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