Crystal Lattice Sine 77 Intricacies

Art by Norman E. Masters

Be Her Loving

Be the mirror of Her Divine Wisdom,
be the crystal of Her Radiances
be the Logos of Her Speaking
be Her Loving into Time
know Her forever
in blissings all-blessing...

She is the eternal-virgin
in the heart of all your dreaming,
She is the fire of your imagination,
the impulse of inspiration,
the impetus of creativity.

Her loving is the eternal bond
heart unto divine heart:
"I am eternally thine;
Thou art eternally mine --"
in this interfusing that does not end...
SophaiChristos... YeshuaMagdalene...

Embraced into this awesomeness
blending into divine loving
once concealed, now ecstatically revealed
& revelling in the growing & the sowing...

Eternity Bride...
our souls sprout & bud, blossom & fructify,
seed & return in the holy ground of You...

~~wynn manners
21.December.2004 -- Solstice Day

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