Six Dancers To The Stars

Six Dancers To The Stars
From Dover Art Archives

In Her Immensitudes

Your consciousness has reached the point of junction with Her Divine Consciousness; the implementation of all you have dreamed to achieve now becomes possible -- in this fullness, this ripeness, this soaring beatitude.

In the exquisite oneness of Our Flame all that which is of time becomes unreal; only what you are feeling *now* is Reality -- in its ultimate intensitudes. You become, simultaneously, like a little child -- but, too, a mature woo/man with all h/er desires being fulfilled in Her sumptuous Immensitudes.

Be refreshed in Her; Her bliss is unending.

She enfleshed you and She will call you *out* of the flesh...

Those who are too sane lose the joys of getting a little crazy-in- Her; wing-dinging the zany yes!

She is the Essence of Beauty in the beautiful; She is the beat that goes on, the beatitude... She is in all lithe-moving movement; She is the Love behind all loving, the heartbeat in every heart.

o ardent Lover of He/r numinosities -- with He/r your eyes glow and your heart becomes gay; in He/r immensitudes you become free-flowing, ever-growing.

~~wynn manners
29.April.2003/July 24, 2004

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