Heart Of The World

Heart Of The World
art by Unknown

Visions & Divine Connectings :
Issa, Magdalene & the Great Mother

By Rita Adan


1.) Forsake Not

"rooted from "Great Mother's Arms" and Flowering Forth
with *Her* Joy and Bliss
For Your Sake.."

2.) Great Mother's Words

"I dream the universe upon a bed of stars
I sigh the breath of eternity unto realms not yet formed
The drifts of time swim in my vastness"

3.) Goddess As Madonna

"I heard the wind blow as whispers of hope
I saw stars gleam as wishes upon dreams
I leapt into Still waters and I realized
Hope Floats quite well."

4.) Magdalen Speaks

"I am the deepest roots
I am hidden mother
I am loyal companion trustworthy
Beloved Sister too"

5.) Knowing Magdalene

"Magdalen never asked me to worship her at an altar.
In my tears I cried out for her.
She came as a sister, not as a Goddess or an Icon."

6.) Bliss

"Magdalen calls us ALL to dance into ourselves
And reach up higher and higher!
Till we reach 'Home of our own Heart.'"

7.) Visions & Talks with Mary Magdalen and Issa

"We all will have different visions of her; and who is to judge
who is the most right or the most wrong, or what she
looked or sounded like? Give her any face; she's had many."

8.) Heart Journey

"I heard Her shout 'Walk into the soul of Me!'
Looking into Mary's eyes
You leapt upon your feet and went to Her
Embracing your Beloved."

9.) Human Consciousness Is In The Birth Canal

"Up there in the highest realms, Love, Joy, Compassion,
are everything. It ~ALL~ stems from HER."

10.) Shards of the Holy Mirror, the Great Mother

"Does the 'Truth of the Great Mother' reside in one abode
or in a million places, pieces, visions, hearts,
shards of gnosis lying deeply asleep within some of us and
wide awake and piercingly sharp within others?"

11.) Sanctuary

"The Goddess is drunk on the wine of Her lover's longing.
She dances in the meadow of passion, barest, yearning, trembling
to complete Her lover."

12.) Slumber

"What is the big secret?
What is the great revelation?
Did Goddess birth herself upon the earth
Then erase Her own name?"

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