Into Youuuu!

Art by Norman E. Masters

All Things In Life Are Sacred

The body is metaphor. It speaks to everything else. Those who make the body anything other than sacred know not the sacredness of God.

The heart beats out blood that travels through arteries and veins, only to return to the heart to be rejuvenated and beat out again. There is something in the rhythms of the heart that speak to Her. There is something about the arteries and veins in the body that speaks to natural earth processes including rivers and streams. The Ocean gives up her waters and they become rain, streams, rivers and bays... In so doing they feed the world.

Can you look at yourself and see Him?

Is communion only on Sunday mornings? Is communion legit only with crackers and grape juice? Or is that water I drank this morning the Lord's body? How bout the cow I just devoured that was prepared charcoal style by Burger King? What of the grass that I walk upon? Chocolate sure can get a girl on an emotional high. They say the effects of chocolate on a girl mirror sex. The Lord sure loves being eaten and a girl sure likes eating her Lord.

What we eat we become. Why not have your midnight snack as a box filled with the Goddess and God?

All "things" in life are sacred. Not meaning any harm to preachers and priests, but I can learn more about Mother from an old oak tree. These are teachers of Mother. Every blade of grass is an angel sent by Her to illuminate the mind that has forgotten.

They say the Goddess has been forgotten due to political conflicts and blinded patriarchs interested in domination and control. They say She went away. She hid in the deep recesses of the psyche. Like Sleeping Beauty, She was knocked unconscious by the Apple of Vanity.

Does the Sun stop shining due to the existence of clouds? Do the stars cease due to an earthly low-pressure zone?

Women love a wide variety of clothes. A Goddess just loves Her multi-colored veils.

What outfit does She wear today? How does She look dressed in you?

29 Oct 2001

Petal Me Loverly

Art by Norman E. Masters

Roses in the Sun

Roses arise and open their petals
Upon tasting the new morning rays
My Beloved comes to me in the night
To steal kisses from beneath the sheets

Like a rose, I open to Him
To receive His tantalizing kiss
What new things will unfold within?
What will emerge from between my lips?

The picture of this puzzle is incomplete
Till all the female and male pieces meet.
Love not one without the other
For this is the universe's order.

22 Jan 2004


Burl B. Hall

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