Butterfly Light Kachina

Art by Norman E. Masters

vision tapestry

pattern woven destiny
cloaks the infinite nameless one

come, redemption,
flood wed fire
night voice the moonforms
dreamwatch the starriver

multiplicity shatters
the rift into essence

dawn sorrows
the dusk of love

Goddess names
every woman goddess

Mother awes
all ways of wonder

creatures night the eyes of dreaming
mirroring death's changing patterns

in the peaceplace
seek the changegrowth

from wild places of the heart
speak mystic oracles
flowering the pattern
growing the changes

essence eyes eyessence
o wonder of the wooman's name
our oddling twin
in the forest of hope

wind whispers wordlessness
of our zany dance thru time...

vision tapestry 
dream spirits
weave darkness
& liquid beauty
into the nightshore's mirror of morning...

time pulsates
female psyches
mating the vision
purifying the transformation

eyes beautify the liquid streaming
sunbeams dissolve fluid fingers
into the next dream-blur
                                ~~wynn manners

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