Light Reach

Light Reach
Artistic Rendering by Norman E. Masters

Our Dance

When i enter You, Beloved, i pass out of time into Eternity.
In this timelessness of our Loving an unearthly music all-surrounds;
& the flow of our together is dance in cadences of undulant caress-all-blessing.

Your LoveWords caress my ears with dulcet tones of gratefulness
as i lie with You, enrapt in this aura of pure beatitude.
The sheer intensity of the smile that illuminates Your Face of Love
is like a new birth awakening in me...

Enrapt in You, what singing, this? soft melodies
flowing thru hearts of bliss giving sweetest intimations
of all the unutterable joys we will create together...

The apartness of our every alone -- but to intensify this sharing,
this baring of our most sensitive parts -- enrapturing hearts! --
in most intimate caring... your eyes a liquid shining...
i want to flow *into* you as you *melt*
into my arms, my lips, in this dance we do together.

There is no ending to Our Dance... installments across Eternity
as we explore infinity & divinity together in a dance that soars
deeply, deeply, into each other, into ourselves & *out* of ourselves,
this pulsation across the centuries & eons, splendors unending...

& ever*new, Bride of Light, in this unending love for You...

~~wynn manners

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