Yantra Blue

Yantra Blue

Art by Norman E. Masters

Singing Your Essence Into Being

The revelations of Her indwelling Spirit
have the power to engender, to fructify,
to recreate life anew & to multiply living joys,
growing to ripeness, yielding a rich harvest
in awakened full-lovingness, revealing
the true essence of the divine power and will --
transforming from within, witnessing, guiding...
enlivening, in-joy(n)ing, as the singing heart
blossoms in petalled splendor...

When one's spirit is wholly open in Her,
vivacity is the fragrance from the core of
the petals of your opened *yes!*...

The opening mind becomes more deeply thoughtful;
the opened heart more poetical,
a flowing stream of the beautiful, 
effervescencing in delight.

Her Spirit circulates like an underground stream
thru all womanity; & any who tap-in so deeply --
o, the pure fountaining gush of wonderment
& awesome awareness, awakened into *yes!* *this!*

seeing (& singing) the mystic qualities of new insights
deeply, expansively into these wonders of wonders...
the grandeur & mysteries of Time, 
our relationship to Eternity...
the silent Immensity, the Temple of the Veiling,
the unspeakable Beauty of souls, 
interfusing holily in Her Living Spirit,
Shrine of the Eternal Immensitudes, Her Presence
as Guide into Her Holy Mysteries, 
depths of Her Grailing Reality...

The mystique of Her Name calls to you across the aeons
as *many* Names... Isis is one of them...

I AM the Is-ness of all being, & infinitely so...
for I AM as every you are IS... is-ing...
Isis I AM, singing your essence into being, becoming...

~~norea st. john
July 9, 2005

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