Energy Egg 2

Energy Egg 2
Art by Norman E. Masters

All The Intricacies
Of Her Matrix

Her Force is amazingly protean... 
Force of Change thru all mutability. 
We are agents of Her Change, 
modalities of Her awakened Presence.

Intimations of futurity drift in...

Within Her Matrix 
Mothering matter & energy 
cosmos & consciousness

Where is "here"?

The Whisperer in the Matrix 
as near as each wisp of a whisper's
wish into our minds.

Though my memory of it is as deep as sleep
the promises i have made are mine to keep
requiring more than awakening 
into the next dream...

It is more than it seems...

Will it ever be finished -- 
what is but begun?

In whirl of labyrinth (which is She),
enmazed in wonder & ever-changing,
ever-awakening, i am face of Her Dream --
Her Force as strong as star*beams, shining...

This invisible bliss 
like amniotic fluid
in Her Womb of Change...

She is the Living Goddess Flame.
She furnishes the inner fire of ascendent desire
blazing forth for the very truth of being.

Her Voice is Who says,
"But I love you -- for always."

Sunburst of glory in  heat of  sky
... morning in my heart... 
Her invisible bliss blesses me, 
permeating all thru...

All the intricacies of Her Matrix --
this melding of Matter & Consciousness
expanding in wonder into Her Mystery.

~~wynn manners
April 8, 2007
Eostre Day

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