Sploosh Elegante

Sploosh Elegante
Art by Norman E. Masters

Opening To Union

Redemption is through self-knowledge.

Redemption is through gnosis, direct illumination of the Soul from Spirit.

The Gnostic is already redeemed, although the completion of the redemption is still outstanding.

Redemption is in the continuual ascent of the soul, never straying from your rising path.

The way will not always be easy. You will be confronted with strife and struggle as darkness continues to loom large. And, as you see others who seemingly have an easy life or path, they will not be illuminated, because without hardship and struggle, there can be no understanding in appreciation of the Real Light of the World. For many who are wealthy are still blind, yet, for those who gain their wealth without wickedness may have already been rewarded -- those that know of their reward and treasure it, not in a greedy fashion.

Wealth can also come in many forms. Psychic wealth is a reward; use it justly and wisely, and for goodness in the aid of others, without seeking profit. Profit may be provided.

As you continue to grow out of ignorance, sparkles of light will also continue to illuminate you.

Salvation is but a recovery of lost light. Ignorance is slavery. Knowledge is freedom.

The logical consequence of knowledge is the act of cognition, awareness.

The misconduct of the person is not always a falling back into ignorance, for misconduct does also mean rebellion against former ignorances. You will often be seen as an outsider, when in truth, you are an insider.

The traps others set for you can be overseen, overcome. These are not only fleshly, but soulful traps. The enigma that the flesh is what weighs you down, yet, also through its sensual capabilities is what allows you to discern and recognize the priority of elevated sexuality and sensuality, heightening the senses, heigtening the mind, heightening the soul, rather than wallowing only in the earthly delights. Indeed, it is a thin veil. Seek it through the gift of pleasure but not, as the ONLY pleasure it can provide.

Although one may marvel at the wonders of nature, and of human nature, marvel also at the progress of intellect the soul is gathering.

You do not have to fret over your piety nor your righteousness, as proclaimed by many preaching; simply don't be a hypocrite. Your standards are already steeped in logic and knowledge.

You will not be redeemed by nature; but you will reveal your nature through your praxis (practice) and through your gnosis (knowledge). You will not find redemption by another bestowing it upon you. You can only traverse the Way yourself, but can have helpers and guides, emissaries, but, never intermediaries that put guilt in their message, earthly or heavenly.

It is a heavy burden to self-redeem.

If you do not want to get to heaven, or paradise or Summerland, then live the lie that it is not open to everyone.

Everyone is welcome, there is no hell save the one you live in, by self-action, or as punishment by others.

Punishment, for some, is their reward; let them wallow there.

Punishment for others is repression; grasp their hands and help them out of it; but let them walk freely thereafter.

What is redemption but a recovery. What is redemption but a reconciliation of opposites. Born into dualities, you do not have to take one side or the other, but stand in between, following the balanced path. This insight will release you to find re-union with others of like mind and Soul. But, it will also bring upon you condemnations from those who insist you have fallen into evil. For they also want your soul. You will recognize them by their fanatical intent, by their extremisms, and by their badgering you into submission, to be saved.

For they save no one, especially not themselves. Whilst believing they are admonishing you of flesh, they are actually condemning you to it.

The ancient idea of redemption is liberation, not direct salvation. For to find salvation one must follow freedom without prejudices, without inciting harm, without repressing others, and thereby, repressing self.

Strides are only made when one recognizes the All in All, not the few, or many who wish to make condemnations.

There is only one race (the human race), maybe of varying colors, which give wonder to the spectra.

There is only one true religion, and that is at the altar of the other. For in the other is a reflection of Self. For in peering into the eyes of another can we truly see our reflection.

Without this, there is no call to redemption.

When you have understood this, you have received the call to go forward and shall awaken.

For those who condemn, and for those you repress, and for those who proclaim will never awaken, and this is the downfall of all of us. Yet, we cannot force an awakening, it has to come from within each individual.

For what is Spirituality but to make a connection with self and others, as Sophia longs for us to do. It is not through separation, and dysfunctional attitudes of grandeur, nor by rape and false promise.

You cannot plunder a soul to save it; but you can prop it up to walk freely, side by side with others.

Have I been redeemed?

Not entirely, for I am truthful; but, I am on my way.

If all else about me appears negative, let this be the one saving grace that I adhere to.

It is not a matter of faith alone that saves me; it is the knowing that opens me to union, to re-union.

Mychael Zagreus
April 3, 2004

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