RadhaKrishna Lotus Lovers

RadhaKrishna Lotus Lovers

Evening Song 38

The sun fire is burning into the land waves.
Summer is a refining of our dreams.
The late evening is a song bird
whistling the night into daydream time.

We must be still on the border of being
to catch the last rays of daylight's beauty.
Be still like the eye of love birds
looking directly into their eyes
and just singing for the dark to nest in us -
into the feathers of this love.

No one enters night songs
without love songs to sing.
If you have none,
none will come to you.
Lovers prepare their hearts in silence
and wait for the evening sounds of the earth
to take them into light.

This light is like a sapling you nurtured into a tree
for the roosting of your soul
so you could blossom as this night flower
that you are to come from
when you disappear into love's body
like its sunrise.

The Beloved helps you take off your petals one by one
and calls you into Her mystery as Herself.


Eric Ashford


All text on this page is Copyright July 15, 2003 by Eric J. Ashford.


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