Flame Touch Oval

Flame Touch Oval
Art by Norman E. Masters


Imagine you're light
& we are your lovers
Igniter of vision
nothing can stop you
from illuminating
whatever you turn to
Don't turn away
but look gently on us
A blinding light
is as good as darkness

Let those who wish
to lodge in shadows
stay out of your way
You have other places to shine
Let them close their minds
& cover their hearts
when you disclose your discoveries
They're collectors not lovers
What they want
we have no desire for

Light fingered
you steal our strickenness
Light footed
stars are burning
to dance with you
Light headed
you turn on the bulbs you've planted
Light hearted
you haven't lost any of
your love through indifference
The beams in your eyes
don't weigh you down

Steve Toth
June 12, 2004

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