Albedo Sublimis

Albedo Sublimis
Art by A. Andrew Gonzalez
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May i never cease being in awe before all the wonder of You, Beloved... May my aspirations never swerve from searching deeply Your secrets... May my insight ever discern the movement of Your Spirit in the midst of Your Mysteries... May Your counsel ever be mine amidst all the marvels of time... May my intent never be but to grow closer to Thee... and to *be* Your loving compassion, enfleshed. Bride of Light -- i have tasted your Wisdom like honey upon my tongue -- and there was no bitterness to it. Divine Mother -- i have tasted Your Love like the Milk of Paradise from Your breasts of bounty -- and i am not thirsty. Sophia*Amorata~ i have kissed your lips and you have shared your wine divine tonguing it into me to inflame the very essence of my being & how can i *but* ever be ever be loving you? Sophia*Serenissima~ may you abide all*ways with us, renewing the splendor, as tender as ever...

~~wynn manners

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