Soul Cocoons Alive In The Light 2

Soul Cocoons Alive In The Light 2
Art by Norman E. Masters


I birthed my babies,
Innocent of time and space,
Yet baptized in the waters
Of eternity

They came from the nowhere
Of infinity
To the now-here
Of humanity

They are the new-body
Of nobody,
The great I-Am,

They came through me,
Oblivious of language,
With eyes speaking volumes
Inspired by wisdom

I gave them my world,
My love and my body,
Sacrifices on the altar
Of their holiness

They gave me the gift
Of motherhood,
Human fulfillment
Of divine vocation

I did not give them life.
I gave them bodies,
Outward and visible signs
Of inward and spiritual Grace

Oh my sisters! we are
The sacrament of Life;
We become the chalices
Of Living Water

Love, Merry Hall
Jan 18, 2001

Dedicated to Burl

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