Sophia Sleeping

Sophia Sleeping
Art by Aspen Ward

Heavenly Wisdom

You have the True Teacher in yourself.
There is no need to go to any other.
Scriptures of the past are superfluous.

The Heavenly Wisdom is *in* us.
She teaches,
She guides, She leads our hearts,
our minds, our souls; She enamours our senses;
She enwraps us into the bliss of Her Presence;
She loves us wholly & holily -- as we love Her...

Indeed, it is more pleasing to enjoy conjugally
the Love of the Virgin of the Light
than merely to be kissing Her.

She helps us into conjugal union with Her.
She *wants* our purity, our consecration to Her,
our sanctification in Her, to in*joy in *all* of Her.

The Life of Eternity *is* this unending Loving...

There are those of us who have no desire to come
any closer to the Ultimate Divine Source
than *thru* Her & *in* Her...
If we are to ever-come unto what is Unnameable
in the Illimitable, it will be *thru* Her.

The Divine Virgin works within our soul;
our soul is Her garment; we clothe
Her Essence of Spirit *as* souls,
growing this variety of flesh,
to mesh so sensitively, sensuously, with each other,
to perceive such beauties,
breathe-in such divine fragrances...

The fragrances of time are still sublime...

The Virgin of Light works within our souls
to be able to behold Her bridegroom again.
She works to purify us to *be* Her bridegroom,
in truth & in fullness. She desires
to have us *entirely* in Her arms.

She brings forth the creative powers from within
as Her dowry unto our soul;
She interfuses our souls with the powers
of creativity, & thus infills us with *Her*,
for She *is* the force of Creativity, itself.

In our unity with the heavenly Sophia
we enjoy the sweet milk of love's pure joy...
The breasts of the Bride of Eternity overflow...
Her breath becomes *our* breath, One Breath,
One Heart beating in this beatitude...

~~wynn manners
May 10, 2004

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