Flower 2, from CHINESE FOLK DESIGNS compiled by W. M. Hawley

Tao Te Ching #1

Like the prologue to John's Gospel, the first chapter of the Tao Te Ching is both an
introduction, summary, and gateway to the festival within. Here is yet one more version:

You are our path
     not some pathway in the sky
your word becomes our flesh
     walks among us, in our very midst
     walks our every path
     talks all our words
     flies, as a banner, from our rooftops --
          yet we know you not.

No name for the virgin-mother of heaven and earth
     many names for the mother of the ten thousand beings.

When we do not flow down those deep gorges 
     cut in the heart-mind by continual repetition-
then, we may see what is before us.

 You, the holy one, are there
     I, a man, am here...

 does this mean:

 that I am not there
     that you are not here?

 Here is wonder, twice hid
     wonder that becomes us
     doorway through which you pass
          come in and go out
          and we also.

Frank John Culley

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