Peace Branch

A Touch of Peace

Like the susurrus
of shimmering angelwings

soft *shalom*
to thee...

From the deepest thanks givings
of the heart that knows:

gently be--
most merrily!

Shining eyes dance radiantly
in affectionate felicity.

Living benignly free
in faith's inmost purity

gives strength, grace,
a deepening serenity

& the inexhaustible joy
of inner beauty alight

with love's luminosity.
Awaken!  See!
~~~ Norea St. John

"Truth is the mother;
knowledge is the father."

             --The Gospel of Philip

"Wisdom (Sophia) is glorious,
& never fadeth away; yea,
She (Sophia) is easily seen
of them that love Her,
and found
of such as seek Her."

      --The Wisdom of Solomon
       Chapter 6

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