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Sophia Sizzles!

"When Christ was descending into this world,
He first conjoined with Sophia,
and both rejoiced in each other,
taking renewing refreshment with each other,
sweetly reposing in one another;
& this is the Bridegroom and Bride."

[~~ slightly modified from a quotation
from the Sethian Gnostics preserved by Irenaeus]

"You have ravished my heart, my sister, my bride,
you have ravished my heart with one glance from your eye...
How sweet is your love, my sister, my bride!
how much better is your love than wine
and the fragrance of your oils than any spice!
Your lips distil nectar, my bride
honey and milk are under your tongue; ...
A garden... is my sister, my bride,
a garden... a fountain... a well of living water..."

[~~ Christ, in the Song of Songs, 4:9 - 15]

"Consider the lilies of the field..." -- Jesus Christ

the trilliums, the violets, the lilacs, the roses...
-- sacred vessels of the dew
-- yonis of goddess in multi-colored splendor
-- petalled chalices of beauty...
& between the thighs of each woman
is a similar flesh-flower of the divine
conceived from the delicate intricacies
of the same sacred design.

Only the "fallen" consciousness
wedded to its own "sinfulness"
can view such beauty as the feminine vulva
inherently *is* -- as being "pornographic".
Only the corrupted mind sees corruption
in the pure blossom of birthing.

"When she leaned back
against the apple tree,
her vulva was wondrous to behold."

Consider the vulva of Inanna!
~~it neither toils nor spins
~~yet such *beauty* to behold!

Solomon, clothed in all his glory
gladly shed *all* such clothing
to *behold* & enter such beauty!

And was not Solomon considered
among the wisest of men?

Petal-parting of the vulva
is the holy portal to Life --
shrine of Sophaic desire.
What cosmic egg -- within --
is to be interfused
by seeds of ascendent penetration
to grow the holy into new flesh?

Sacred the lingam
that seeds the womb of life,
sacred the portal to the womb,
sacred the vaginal passageway,
sacred the womb which receives,
sacred the race to fruition,
sacred the interpenetrative dance
between sperm & ovum.

The Living Gospel *is* the living body
for All Holiness is embodied within;
each body of flesh enshrines the Divine
eyes of flesh *perceive* the Divine
mind in flesh conceives, reverences the Divine;
Divine enfleshes as every-*you*
to perceive divine*self
to *know* -- most intimately divine*self.

~~ & we are enfleshed to dive *in* to the wonders!

Honor the sacred portal -- in all its petalled beauty
honor the womb which brings forth life
honor the divine blessing, the divine undressing
of all breasts which nurture;
honor the navel with holy wine
& partake of such sacrament
with tongues of praise & celebration!

We who are the Children of Sophia honor
*all* aspects of the Divine in all-being.

You who worship mental abstractions
inside your own minds, you who bow
unto Words of Command from Books
written by men -- attributed to the Divine --
in temples created by *men*; you who bow to
the utterances of your priestcrafty ones
& yet you call "idolatry"
the reverence of the sacred vessels
of Divine Life *itself*?!  You idolatars of the Book(s --
what insanity your "religions of the Book"
have begotten upon you!

Enter the sacred *dance*!
Drink of Life's meanings to the deepest!

Sophia is not ancient words in pious scriptures of old,
enshrined by ancient patriarchs as the "Word of God"
~~ Sophia is *alive*! -- the Divine Dance of Life, itself!
Sophia is the energywave of transition
the bold force of the Divine Feminine
Who shakes the roots of the Cosmos
in a paroxyzm of New Birth..

Bashful is beautiful,
but shame before such beauty is unnecessary.

*Joy* in your liberations from the bondage of old.
You are set free to experience
most deeply & be at one
with the jizming Divine Ecstasy.

Each of us is enfleshment of Divine exploration
to see All, *be* All-wondrously
all a-awe amidst these beauties.

In the very crotch of a tree Sophia is winking
yet another Eye of Her holy vulvas --
womanifest thru all naturing... sacred vessels
which the morning dew knows -- most intimately...

The dew-of-Life which flows from *you*
chrisming the lingam joying in the yoni
is holy, too...   It took millions of years
for the Divine Energy to *evolve* these living elixirs
of all the variating constituencies
of the slick & flowing dews that make up the
Body of *You*!

What is to be reverenced *more* than the Elixirs of Life,
themselves?  Do not Divine Seeds
*dance* & *jizm* in these?

The Book of Life is written *in* Life, *in* the living, itself.
Every living cell is a Divine Word in the Book of Life.

The sap of the maple tree -- the ambrosia of peach juice
& melon -- every moment, taste *deeply* --
for each slick-of-a-lick is sacramental.
The savory perfumes of arnica, pine, heather, rose,
& in all thousanded other,
all these exquisite essences the Daughters of Sophia wear --
these are distillations of divine essences, allowing us
to awakenedly *be* in the Paradise of *Now*!

The fragrance of incense,
all delicate perfumes are doorways
to the divinely sublime so that divine bliss
*interfuses* your very Body of Being
in awareness of Living Presence...

We are here to *savor* all the aromas of Sophia;
every flower is a potential portal into
an ever-varieating bliss;
*every* blossom *is* a vulva of Sophia...
-- & the nose divinely knows!
The perfume of all these flowers
is the Divine, Herself, enfleshed
-- tantalizing with a *subtle* eroticism.

There is a Living Gospel -- a Living Divine Book --
in *every* bodily organ -- when we see more deeply into
the awesomely evolving energy of the Divine Jizming,
omnipresently emBODYed into fleshmesh.

& when we come to *know*
the body's Living Gospel most holily,
most *intimately* with each other,
love entwining love, all-lovingly,
in SpiritedFlesh (sometimes in jizming energy fields
across geographical distances, light*energy *dancing*
in subtle dimensions, interpenetrating)
this is called "God/dessing"!

When we are loving one another
all-deeply, all blessingly,
all respectfully, all embracingly,
we *are* goddessing...

The word "goddess" intrinsically *includes* "god" as half of Her Wholeness
just as the word "her" intrinsically includes "he" as half of Her Wholeness;
thus "goddess" and "her" are evolved verbal forms from the more limiting
exclusivist patriarchal forms which *exclude* the feminine.

Sophia *goddesses*;
Sophia *sizzles*!
Sophia electrifies!
Sophia shakes you to your core!
(& you come back wanting more!)

Sophia shock!!!s you AWAKE!
in a radiant E ! X ! P ! L ! O !  S! I ! O ! N !
that leaves your heart racing
your limbs quivering!

You cannot forget!

There is a *meaning*
that is deeper than your cunt,
deeper than your groin
more *intense* than any sexual climax.

The deeper meanings will haunt you
in your incompleteness
until you discover them -- your*self*
in Her numinosity all-illumining
radiating thru your own enraptured awe
~~ blitzed (o so heavenly!)
*into* Her bliss -- all-permeating.

[~~wynn manners

"I am a rose of Sharon,
a lily of the valleys...

"I am my beloved's,
and his desire is for me...

"Come, my beloved...
I will give you my love... and
all choice fruits, new as well as old,
which I have laid up for you..."

[~~Sophia, in the "Song of Songs"]

"...take me to yourselves...

"For I am the first and the last.
I am the honored one and the scorned one.
I am the whore and the holy one.
I am the wife and the virgin.
I am the mother and the daughter.
I am the members of my mother.
I am the barren one and many are her sons.
I am she whose wedding is great,
and I have not taken a husband.
...I am the bride and the bridegroom,
and it is my husband who begot me.
I am the mother of my father
and the sister of my husband,
and he is my offspring."

[~~Sophia, in "The Thunder, Perfect Mind"]

    I Am the frolicking
    of lovers & children
Lovers join in my joy
exuberant in loosing their heartlove.

In light & laughter I live
& my presence sanctifies
the delight of love.

Awaken into my affection enfolding you,
laugh as you may, filled with delight...
My Spirt enfolds
so sweetly, completely;
the tip of my tongue
tickles your innermost yearning
            -- warmly caressing...
                     o bliss!

Perceive me
in the songs of the women
in the joyous heart
in the vision of increasing light
in the helping hand
in pure peace
in instreaming love
in holiest hope
in each exaltation of the exuberant heartflame
in wonderstruck awe surging forth
in blessings that flow from the holy knowing
in all wisdom borne of goodness
         overflowing with love's fullness.

Seek my bliss to share forevermore
for I am the eternal wisdom
awakening delight in all devotion of love.

True love
is a hallowed blessing.

You, whom love has blessed,
become a brightest of stars
in the stream of our loving
lighting the flame
that kindles the awakening...

[~~ Sophia, thru Norea St. John

~~in *Her*,
~~wynn manners

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