Sophia By Starlight


You who love Her,
She has opened up insight for you.

When you sanctified yourself to Her
She made you Her Holy of Holies --
for the sake of others.

Through all the Eons of His sublime radiance
*She* has been His Shekhina;
*She* is His Eternal Planting
into the heart of wo/manity,
into each soul that seeks immortality.

She is the Tree of Eternal Life
and Her Wisdom is He/r fruits.

Among Wisdom's fruits are:
tolerance, love, joy,
peace, compassion, understanding,
patience, kindness, forgiveness,
faithfulness, gentleness, self-control,
responsive responsibility, abundance, trust,
inspiration, benignity, freedom,
simplicity, grace, honesty,
truth, transformation, creativity,
receptivity, harmony, harmlessness,
healing, balance, divine gnosis,
sister/brotherhood, mother/fatherhood, renewed youth,
purity, tenderness, courage,
goodness, integrity, mercy,
gratitude, spontaneity, originality,
generativity, release, bliss,
friendship, nurturing, and the blessing
of the sweetness of repose.

We *know* Her by Her fruits,
as we know those who are borne *of* Her
by *their* fruits -- in Her.

You!  Is not His Shekhina
and Her Goodness also *yours*?

In your hands is Her Wisdom.
She is the uttermost yearning
within your heart, your mind, your soul;
She is your Wholeness, your holiness, your transformation,
your illumination, our inLightinment.
She is the Fullness of the Eternals,
Mother of the Immortals; She is
the Immensitude of this *now* that ever is.

She is the Seed of the Eternal sowing
and She is the sowing thereof.
She is fruit of the harvest.
She is the Divine Wine.

Her Eternal Planting is within *you*,
Daughter/Son of Her rebirthing into Time.

You harvest Her Wisdom
into the storehouse of your mind
to gift unto all humanity ~
in a benign magnanimity of heart.
~~Wynn Manners

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