St. Mary Magdalene

St. Mary Magdalene, circa 1530 - 1535
Art by Titian

How Often
She Would Remember...

Still my lips await your kiss,
my body, my soul, awaits your loving;
a paean of wordless passion sings my heart for you...

O that your whispering lips were near, again,
your love embracing *all* of me,
both of us as one, enwombed in Her Love together...

Yeshua! Yeshua! to have you
again drink the delight of my smile
that you called heavenly...

You said to me, once, that my beauty,
intoxicated your soul like heavenly wine...

Now my soul quivers for you,
like a flame on a wick of a candle;
how I long to dance for you,
sinuously, sensuously, undulantly
to tease you into pleasing me pleasing you.

To have you near again,
caress caress caressing me,
telling me the feast is near
and that I am the feast!

"To be lips, to be lips,
in this dance," you once whispered,
as you clasped the softway of my mystery
so wondrously to you, covering me
with your kisses... And you were all-lips
allover me in our dance, our lips weaving us
together in our loving, yielding to the call
to be love-joined, full-joying
in delicious interweaving...
craving and cleaving
as I took you into the depths of the
ocean of my love, encompassing you;
and the surging of your fountaining
swept like tingling waves deep into me...

Out of the cleft of my love for you...
Sarai... Sarai!
How your eyes remind me of him!

~~wynn manners
Feb. 19, 2005

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