Eye of Rainbow Light

Art by Norman E. Masters

Mutual abiding in each other

       My obsession with moot, this being at least
       the 20th visiting of it, continues:

       The word, "moot"
       which I first heard from Tolkein
       encompasses much of what Jesus gives us through John.

       Mutual abiding in each other:
          what we call God's Life
          what we call the body of Christ manifest & unmanifest-
             this energy, this place is moot.

       Not something we do
       or even something which is done to us:
          but an ongoing meeting
          conscious or unconscious awareness
             of that mutual interpenetration of all things
       which includes that which is beyond all things.

       Moot simultaneously involves:
          meeting of the semiautonomous parts of ourselves
             especially those which are not conscious
             which come into active communion
             [not consciousness, but effectively present.]
          meeting of each human, present before my face
          meeting of all the human community
          meeting all ten thousand beings
       even to the flowing back
          from whence we have all arisen.

Frank John Culley

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