Demure Water Carrier

Women of Spirit,
Sacred Vessels

Veiled Muslim


sibylline fountains
of the heart

Women are the diviners of Her sibylline outpourings,
living oracles of Her Presence among us,
loving temples of Her enfleshment....

The universe, too, is an Oracle & a Temple...
& constellations as sibylline in
all the mystic meanings of their light*speak
as veins of leaves are cryptic in mystic intimations...

Leaf & star... who can read their meanings?

Women of Her Spirit
are given to wise ends
& gentle souls that are troubled.

Who else is so aware that the whole of life
is filled with sacred presences?

Women of Her Spirit
know the gifts of fire and water, of earth & air
& can scrye meanings from the very heavens...

Women's tears... women's hands...
these holy women take us to the goal of love
without any travelling to get here...

Women of Her Spirit... so dear to us,
you are the return of Mother Eve,
enfleshed as Eve's daughters;
you are Zoe of Life, in essence and being;
you return us to Eden,
pure & holy, again...

Holy the living fountain of your hearts, outflowing
Holy the sacramental stillness, your deep knowing
Holy each tender touch
Holy every soft gaze, loving...

Beloved, be this holy...

Young Asian Woman


touched of heaven,
rooted in earth

Women of Her Spirit --
your eyes are colored with mortal blood,
but are alit with divine wisdom,
bright & sweet, serene & joyful.

You inweave the living patterns of our lives,
deepening, expanding the numinous meanings...

Who are the weavers
& where are we woven?

The dei*signs of our lives,
so full of mystical attraction
& passion for beauty's mystique
are a part of a larger divine tapestry
whose full intricacy & expanse
we have not eyes to see...

Yet in the heartbeat of each moment
we can feel the verypulse of the universe...

Everything is in the flowing...
each flesh blossom so delicately growing
in Her Womb of Becoming...

From the first dawn of memory
to the last transfiguration of love
-- which is the first
of what is next forthcoming --
You are the sweetness & the depth,
You are the sanctitude we dwell in.

Encircled by the mystery of existence,
under the deep heavenly firmament, temple of star*wonder,
where very act of seeing, itself, is blessedness,
Women of Her Spirit chant & sing mystic rites
& consecrations to Her --
in earthy speech that is in*lumined with the celestial.

Your LifeGarden, Beloved,
intricate & beautiful beyond words,
rustles infinitely around us...
& every*here is a dewy fragrance
renewing & making wondrous this joy to *live*!

Holy your blossoming
Holy your sweetness & depth
Holy the fragrance of your loving
as beneath this sacred tree
our sacrament of love is consummated...

Beloved, be this holy...

Nude Tattooed


thru each womb
giving birth

Women of Her Spirit...
the glow of motherhood brings you abright
with a beauty like none other.

Your minds sparkling with sensibility,
you become witty with Destiny, Herself!

Indeed, what destiny ahead for each, enwombed?

With tears of feeling as you count holy,
you will reveal those highest truths
coming from the innermost of your soul...

Touched of heaven, you know the sacredness of time,
the seasons of life, Earth Mother's holy days.

You love to cherish, & you cherish the loving,
loving as *you* would be loved,
feeding bodily needs, nurturing growing minds,
responsive to each soul's needs, too,
deepening the depth, the expansiveness,
the meanings of divinely loving & compassionately giving.

Out of your souls, out of your passions, flesh of your flesh,
born to wonder & love, born to learn & grow,
you nurture the miracle of each replication
of divine energy into enfleshment of life.

Her Spirit that belongs not to time dwells in you.
The holiness of motherhood binds Her Spirit
*into* time thru each womb giving birth
& She is *Present* at each birth...
bonded to each child in Her Loving...
bonded with each mother aware of Her Presence...

Holy the cherishing, each sacramental moment
Holy Her in-dwelling love, boundless
Holy each birth into Her Loving

Beloved, be this holy...

Prayerful Spiritual


heiroglyphics of eternity

Woman of Her Spirit, Daughter of Sophia...
what is your soul whispering now?

In the stillness of this inturning
into the soul-chalice of this peace
such a sweet blossoming of your heart
in the petals of Her grace...

You are given voice to whisper the deepest meanings,
in pensive mercy, in tender & delicate loving,
heart-teachings that are lively & bright
in their strength & fullness...

Woman of Spirit,
reverent and patient,
balanced & open...

Silence must be heard...
& the cadences of the infinite
will play your soul-strings
like sudden spring...

Such sweet felicity
these intimacies...
You come forth from them
refreshened with sacred strength.

Upon your face, now, Beloved, is
the Eternal Smile that *makes* the spring
& informs the very stars with lustre,

Coalescence of essence of these
limitless libations of light,
instreaming... intimations of an
infinite awakening into the visionary splendors
impregnate your consciousness with euphoria
as your sense of being shimmers & dissolves
into pure white light.

Such a delectable, delicious delight:
your own essence of being swept up & shimmering
as this pure light...

Holy each moment of grace
Holy the light of purity radiating from your face
Holy the divinity within each loving heart
Holy your golden felicity in this loving

Beloved, be this holy...

Apache Woman


a fragrance
of mystery

Women of Her Spirit... Daughters of Sophia...
your presence carries a fragrance of mystery, tantalizing...

You are the Preservers & Teachers of the truest ideals,
bestow'resses of exquisite pleasures,
the living fruits of Goddess -- Life itself --
pointing womanity towards perfection of development.

Hidden springs are feeding you;
your consciousness in Her *is* this living wellspring.

& you experience the inner springs of ripple energy effusing
& you are made beautiful beyond beauty
by the sensible infusion of joy in Her
a joy which emancipates into spontaneity
which refines to a more delicate sensitivity,
infinite tenderness, sweetness of faith & ardour of hope.
Our own mystery is made known -- as only the heart can know
-- informed & subtly infused with subtle spiritual energy.

"I Am this radiance within you," She says unto you.

You feel the eternal throbbing of Her Divine Heart
behind all the temporal turbulencies of your heartblood river.

You are mind in Her Mind, hearts in Her Heart,
souls in Her Divine Spirit.

In your very pulsebeat you *know* --
for you are in touch, again,
with Her Sacred Fire.

Holy the teaching of Her Wisdom
Holy each divine mystery made known to each who is ready
Holy your euphoria in Her Infinite Vision

Beloved, be, in this holy of holies...



a flowering
of the soul

Women Called to Her Spirit,
you are the shining web of the future
incarnate into this now,
with intimations as to revelations of the mysteries
behind Her Veil yet to be revealed...

Thru your voices of wisdom & deep feeling,
thru your tender mercies,
thru your strength in humility,
thru your compassion
you are in touch
with the core of the eternities;
the breadth of the infinitudes
& the depth of Her beatitude
are Breath of your breath...

You catalyze wo/manity's reunification with Goddess,
Divine Source of love, mercy, empathy, forgiveness...

She is swelling into time with this pregnancy of Love...
...Womb of the Fullness of this birthing,
your very Heart*mind, swelling with Her...

In this your own soul flowers so very fragrantly
in divine magnificence & beauty.

Women of Her Spirit...

She takes you *in* to Her
unutterable Mystery of Mysteries
-- o wonder of wonders!
She graces you with mystic qualities of insight...

Her Spirit in Her women of Spirit is bound to all men;
Her Spirit's Presence anoints thru you with Her grace.
You are the Openers of the Way
to Her Truth, bringing into Word and deed
Her beatific inspiration & beatified expression.

Clothed with Beauty, unclothed in Beauty
Your bodies are Time-vestures of Her Eternal Spirit,
Living Chalices of Her Living Presence.
Spirit to spirit: you put on earthly life for a season,
to be laid off for a timelessness
in the stillness of repose.

In breathless expectation,
in rapture & tears
you melt into Her Morning.

Holy Her Mysteries
Holy all mystic Wisdom
Holy your full flowering in Her

Beloved, be this holy...

India Indian Maid


into the infinite

Women of Her Spirit,
tenderness is your calling...

You are living cells of Her eternity, enfleshed,
in this mesh of communion,
linking womanity together in Her Love, unending,
in the forever more of Her blessed Light
radiating thru *you*
interwoven in Her harmony,
blessed with serendipity,
alight in Her infinite luminosity...

Women of Her Infinite Spirit,
you open the mysterious gates
to the radiant core
of your own essence of beauty & being;
you know the peace & serenity
of oneness with Her Infinity.

Her tender mercies surround you;
outer & inner are one;
the influx of Her radiant energies
sets your face aglow with a pensive musing
in rapturous throes of infinite thought.

You see lives passing thru perpetual metamorphoses
and the deep significance of this is not lost to you.

The grand Reality of Her infuses the very atmosphere
around you with a sense of the divine,
as light within Her Light, radiant thru translucent air.
Such a treasure beyond measure, your own sensitivies, shared,
& felicities amazing in their blessings...

The sense of the infinite, like the fragrance of divinity
reenergizes energy, extends the meanings of freedom
in all that is potential in you...

Women of Her Spirit, the Divine Source,
Heart of Love of the Universe, Herself,
is pleased to womanifest Herself
(o so shiningly!) thru each of you!

Holy your enfleshment of Her, as Daughters of Her grace
Holy your strength, your honesty, rooted in integrity
Holy your beauty in tender mercy, healing...

Beloved, be this holy...

Shawled Granny


In the Temple of
Her Heavenly Immensity

Wo/men of He/r Spirit...
He/r arising has not abiding
& deepest meaning if
it be only in another
& not deeply within *you*...

Who Speaks to the unspeakable beauty of your own souls,
alive in Her Spirit, if not She, Herself... calling you
to be earthly guides into Her holy mysteries,
unveiling, in sibylline heart- & soulspeak, Her cryptic
& passionate internities, revealing your own enigmatically
persistent visions in the Temple of Her Heavenly Immensity...

You *are* Her Living Temple...

Within you the very Presence of Heaven enfleshes,
to open eyes into a dream more real than daylight,
radiant with inner light...

Let your love be the sweetest of all glories
awakening hearts into Her intensitudes
Her immensitudes, Her beatitudes
thru your ministrations in deep-souled gratitude...

Holy your interweaving in Her Light
Holy your radiant core of serenity
Holy each anointing in Her
Holy your touch in healing ministration...

Beloved, be this holy...

Water Bearer

~~wynn manners
~~for Easter 2004

[written February - April 2004]

[The art on this page is from the Dover Art Archives volume, WOMEN A Pictorial Archive From Nineteenth Century Sources, selected by Jim Harter, Second Revised Edition, Dover Publications, Copyright 1982. Jim Harter culled these illustrations from 19th Century issues of Harper's Weekly, Leslie's Illustrated, Graphic and The London Illustrated News].

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