Grace Olivia

Grace Olivia
Photo of Mazie's & Bob's Granddaughter


If your heart still breaks for love, be patient with yourself. Love comes to all Her lovers. No child of Her is homeless, and all God's dreams of existence are sung for you alone. Let love practice within you, until that you, that thought a need to wear love's custom, becomes only this song of love.

This morning glory of matchless praise, this you that has slept deep in the night's undressing, how like a child you are today, covered untidily by old clothes heedlessly borrowed from a past that fits you no longer. This ovation that has arisen as you, let be honored, as you arise in love's celebration, to play your part as the eye of God's rejoicing.

The open heart never lays down without falling into itself as a lover. Sleep no longer engulfs, but gently undoes the past, unwinding all that you need carry no further. When you awake to your love, love's eye will open in you, and you shall be this light that elucidates you naked to the morning. You will be content to be your own answer; and the questions of those grown old in themselves with endless self inquiry, will appear to you as little poems of awakening that they sing in praise of none other but you.

There is no moment, born in love's awareness, that is not the child-bearer of joy. A child arises, casting off the rags of despair, knowing that such garments can no longer be used as its cover. This future you that you open now, makes love visible to your heart in this holy present. Let no regret ever keep you from being the transparency of your perfectly created tomorrow. Arise.

      Be healed by every loving thought.
      Somebody deceived you
      they gave you an idol and told you to kneel.
      Stand up now, and laugh.
      You did this to yourself.
      Pinch yourself awake and smile like God.


Eric Ashford

from Dancing With Sophia


All text on this page is Copyrighted 2001 by Eric J. Ashford.


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