Art by Jonathon Earl Bowser
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What awakening, this?

What awakening, this,
that has begun in wonder
in what wonder, this,
in the midst
of Your awesomeness, Beloved?

What misted vistas
trail from Your robes
of tomorrow is calling
with intimations of far-reaching changes?

How can an infinite multitude
of manifold being still be One in You?

Is our nexus-of-vision
limited or all-comprehensive,
divisionary or integrative?
Can it be *both* -- simultaneously?

When the Force You are
is the verimost Source
of our being & becoming,
how can we not serve
Your course-of-becoming,
when we waken into You?

Fleeting thoughts like a vagrant wind
thru a mind still of time, more
foolish than sublime.

You smile, enigmatically
& assure me that:

But to be the Love *You* are
is to be Your ecstasy unending...

~~from Inter*Fusions

~~wynn manners

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