Virgin Mary Ascension

Virgin Mary Ascension
Artist Unknown

All Her Tenderness

by Ted Meisner

Are others experiencing what Burl Hall experienced? The answer is YES. I have a very close friend, a woman, who constantly relates to Sophia, the Holy Spirit, as she understands Her. She sees her, and She has led my friend through lots of inner healings of her hurts and rejections, as well as led her to deeper prayer.

In my own life, I had a very powerful dream from Her. I only heard Her voice talking to me, but it was felt and heard throughout my whole body. I have also had other dreams of Her coming to me with all Her tenderness...

According to Scripture this is the age of Sophia, the Holy Spirit, the Divine Feminine. To me, Her work in our era began with Pentecost. She was to replace Jesus. However, the church got stuck on Jesus, and kept him as the main focus because of the male superiority. I believe She is coming at this time to take her rightful place in our lives and that of Church and Society.

I also believe that She has in a way incarnated Herself in Mary, the mother of Jesus.

I believe that She has also appeared as the Goddess to the Mexican Indian, Juan Diego, and is now called the Lady of Guadalupe.

I believe that She is using her "incarnated self" in Mary to appear in apparitions all over the world within the past 20 years. Never in the history of the church has there been this many apparitions.

These are some of my thoughts.

love and blessings in Sophia,


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