A Dewdrop of Light

Art by Norman E. Masters

Spirit falls upon this man

Spirit falls upon this man 

     who sits at the side of a pool

     gazes at his reflection, enraptured

he rises up, goes among his fellows

     and we all follow him to that pool

          long forgot.

What is given individually, more often than not, is a gift for all. On rare occasions, such a gift is out of keeping with the individual who receives it, but more often, there is a fine resonance between what is given and who receives.

From the heart of darkness, light is born

     not after the fact, but simultaneously.

From twisted and tortured places

     not after the fact, but simultaneously

          comes healing wholeness

               wrapt tight with twisted torture.

What is given to us, is eminently suited to our strengths and twists and gnawing hungers. From our unique shade of dark, shines a unique light.

You come upon us

     body and soul tremble at your touch

     heart trembles, shadowed by your dark light.


We press down, again and again

     life-juice made dense

     freedom's fire smolders

and the breath of life breaks into flame.

What lovers do fumblingly, you and I do with exquisite delicacy. We Passover, together, into a land long forgot but now remembered -- a homestead, where we stand, hand in hand.

Frank John Culley

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