On The Rise And Fall Of Space-Time

On The Rise And Fall Of Space-Time
Art by Jonathon Earl Bowser
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Sophia Is The Basis
Of Imagination

In physics a change in a photon will institute a change in another instantaneously. It does not matter how far apart the photons are, the change is instantaneous. This implies a level of reality that is beyond time and space.

Sophia is the basis of imagination and it is in Imagination that time and space are conceived. This level of reality, that beyond time and space, is basic to who we are though we have no sense of it. For Sophia, She in whom we in time and space are conceived, what is 10 billion light years away is as close to the pupil of an eye as the pupil of an eye. There is no distance and hence no time (remember time and space are interwoven co-dependents).

I can experience this level of reality at times. I blow a kiss to the sun; the kiss is returned instantaneously. In this state, there is a wonderful sensuality. Making love, even with a physical woman, there is a loss of any sense of time and space. Making love with God, Sophia, or Christ, there is a loss of any sense of time and space and what was 10 billion years ago is what is now. The beginning of Genesis, "And the World was without form and void," is a state now; and we are conceived and born of that state now. Even these words are not descriptive of the no-thingness of Sophia, the timeless and spaceless Waters in whom we are conceived and returned.

Loving Sophia is the most wonderful of experiences. I speak of being eaten... but for Her, and in Her, sex and eating are not two acts. When She gobbles me up whole, I am drawn inside Her womb and explode into timeless and spaceless ecstasy. Eaten food is sent throughout the entire body to marry with various cells. When one becomes the delight of Sophia's lips, one is spread throughout the entire universe and one knows one's timeless and spaceless Nature.


Burl B. Hall

May 2, 2001

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