Sine Abstract 11

Art by Norman E. Masters

Love's Way In You

The One that you have been promised, will find you. When the shell of the heart cracks open in the pain of this longing. The One that promised you into existence, will keep faith with every loving thought that you have for yourself. For this emotional ground is where Her love for you also arises.

Be gentle with the heart of the One that is wed to you. For when you learn to be gentle with yourself, it will be a pain in you, to be ungentle with any other heart. This is the way of Her love, that it be pledged to vulnerability. Love's covenant with you is that you be the love of others, as much as that love in Her.

First there must be this opening between you. You must come out of the room of self, disarmed by surrender, knowing your nakedness is still a dress, willing only to be visible by Her light. There can be no hiding of yourself in the shadow of self. You must be well met, by a moonlight that invites a full moon of Her presence inwards, into the recess of that sundered soul where you gift without question. Knowing you give nothing, to receive all.

This falling into love is Her mystery in you. When you cannot breathe at all, but feel your breath is Hers alone, then you will live Her life in you. She will become Her promise and you shall be Hers.

The heart you bear shall be as a flight of wild geese. Ever seeking the dawn of love in others. Before you opened this gift, you had no gift to offer; now you are the gift of love itself. You must pledge yourself again; for the voice of love has bid you this: Be you gentle with their hearts, for they are My own.

This gentle way of love, is all there is to living in love's abandon. This true romance is a dance choreographed by a Self you have vowed to behold in tryst, that you will be forever the outward gyre of Her inward spiraling. Just as the helix of the universe enfolds within itself, so must the lover dance in the light of this unbearable attraction, to be born of the love that only She can sustain.

The One that has been promised to you knows of your every prevarication, how you would seek to unravel the mystery of life with anything but love's awareness. How you have, in your loneliness, refused the gift to be Her alone, Piling concept upon concept, until the structure of your vision has become a prison for Her imagination in you. Yet every heart but knows itself in Her. Without fulfilling love's promise, nothing can be found by your intelligence, unless it be the intelligence of this.

Promise yourself to love; and that love shall find you. There will be nothing more to uncover within you; for Her covering will be all that Is. You will be the discoverer of myriad realms of enlightening beauty, and shall be the foremost horizon of Her light. There will be nothing to behold that is not you; and you shall be the love of Her who promised nothing else but Herself.

      We all carry the same teachings
      transformed into love stories.
      The book of the heart
      is the soul's own library
      where seven candles illumine
      every understanding.
      Do not let anyone go from you
      without reading them;
      and be read in return by this love.


Eric Ashford

from Dancing With Sophia


All text on this page is Copyrighted 2001 by Eric J. Ashford.


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