Madonna and Child

Madonna and Child
Art by Hannes Bok

Within Spirit, Spirit Within

Folks argue, "is the Spirit within us?" Or, are we within the Spirit? We differentiate Earth from Spirit... but is there any REAL distinctions? Or are these but descriptions of aspects of the One? Am I IN Nature or is She in me? Is this a nonsense question? Am I not of the same stuff as planets, stars and open space? I breathe Her air as I breathed the waters of my biological mother's uterus. Is there a difference in these processes? Is there a distinction between a sperm's return home and his disintegration into the egg and my dissolution into the living body of the Earth upon my demise? Why else do we refer to being in the grave as a condition of pushing up daisys? Is it not true we are fertilizing the Earth?

Are we most fearful of death because of our ego or is it that we have murdered the life out of Nature and see Her as dead? Or, is this perception of Nature as dead a reflection of our lifeless minds? Look at the way we build schools... to imprison young minds. Schools here in Virgina have no windows... the children do not go out and explore streams or chase bees. We have them stuck in a lifeless wall of cement. Can cold-lifeless cement breathe as well as an open meadow? Can a child have contact with his MOTHER enshrined in a womb of brick? (Of course I understand buildings breathe, but there is a sense of stark lifelessness to the way we build).

Our schools are not about education (meaning to bring forth). They are about control. Children during adolescence rebel and parents and teachers pull their hair out. But, what if this rebellion is actually a healthy response to an unhealthy system? Do not prisoners yearn to be free?

Sophia births us free within Her and we remain within Her throughout timeless eternity. We flow from the Mouth of the Mother while remaining within. Her kiss is always upon us, as Her vulva / mouth simultaneously births and devours us. Yet we go nowhere for we are always within Her. Separation of MOTHER and child is an illusion; yet that illusion is necessary.

It is our minds that have gone out for a walk. I sometimes say Nature as if referencing something outside myself. But is it not true that I am Nature referencing Herself? Is enlightenment the ridding of an I and Thou? But, then, the I and Thou relation is the way in which Nature becomes self-aware. Separation of Mother and Child is a necessary condition. Yet, this self-awareness is with a price. It is called "ego" and the fears from the illusionary sense of separation that this brings. Yet, forever and a day, the true nature of our relations to Nature is a dual-unity. We are forever "not two." Dorothy wakes up in Kansas only to find she has never really left.


Burl B. Hall

August 18, 2001

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