Flame of the Heart

Flame of the Heart
Art by Norman E. Masters

Infinite Complexities, Ever Deepening Mysteries

Our lives are a dance of the transitory within the breast of the eternal, each temporal life a heartbeat of the divine.

In the inner fragrance of the wisdom of the heart, in the inner beauty of the dance of the soul, a state that only the most advanced souls become deeply aware of, the life-melody of your inner essence intermingles with the eternal melody of Her Living Spirit, becoming like melodies played upon the same heart, a connective merging, a supramental unity, blooming consciousness inward like a flower, outward like the fragrance of paradise and eternity.

Become infilled with the fragrance of eternity as with the fragrance of the timeless.

Unfolding the lotus of your potential, your rainbow existence reveals and revels in an infinite diversity.

You are full of complexities, layer upon layer of questing wonder, depth upon depth of unforseen wisdom.

Transcendence, mutation, change... She takes consciousnesses unto transformation; She lifts them into a new dimension. Creativity unending... Most exquisite excellencies... Wistful permutations...

Like the petals of a rose, inward, ever inward... Where is the heart of the rose? Infinite complexities, ever deepening mysteries, life itself the mystery of mysteries...

Probe most deeply life's innermost mysteries; immerse yourself in them. Then! -- share what you discover therein with each who would care enough to partake of the sacramental awareness that is Her Living Presence.

~~ norea st. john
Oct. 28, Nov. 3, 2001

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