Mother Goddess

Mother Goddess
Art by Norman E. Masters

Entering Her Womb of Silence

Atheism is a-theistic, or a-theology. Anything that I say about Sophia is false, for She is a Goddess who is a-theistic. No thoughts, conceptualization or ideas can touch Her for She is the conceiver of these and the conceiver cannot be conceived.

We speak of multiple universes, thoughts arising, etc.; yet, in whom are these observed? Consciousness/Sophia is an infinity of Air, or Spirit. She can never be seen for She is the Seer. In whom does your world happen?

Meister Eckhart said that all is unity in the Godhead and cannot be spoken of. For there to be a word, there has to be an impression of distinction. Hence, Genesis 1:2 is silent; and the breaking of this silence is when God opens Her mouth, "Let there be light." At this point, there is a distinction.

When one moves beyond theology and enters the womb of Silence, Sophia shines forth. Yet, that shining is not something we realize in an I and Thou stance for the shining is us.

3 Oct 2000

The Virgin Birth

Upon realizing we are virgin born, we realize we are born of nothing. When I say I am the Son of Sophia, I am saying I am the Son of Nothing. Wisdom is not anything at all. She is nothing. This realization is the conception and birth of love. It is a return home. Throughout timeless eternity, I am enwrapped in the Mother. My essence is She. I am, in my heart, nothing at all. In this nothing, I am perfectly free. In the womb-state, I envelop all.

4 Oct 2000

Hall of Mirrors

This world is a hall full of mirrors
Everything you touch
You see yourself reflected
Knowing this
You and Mother marry
And the universe sparkles with your name.

25 Dec 2003


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