Birthing The Universal Flux

Birthing The Universal Flux
Art by Norman E. Masters

She, In Whose Loving
We Were Born

Her Spirit is bound to all womanity --
for it is She who caused us into being,
She in Whose Loving we were born.

She *is* Living Presence, Herself,
anointing us with grace.
She clothed with beauty
all terrestrial Life...
this world, itself Her
domain of Mystery
thru which She is all-pervading.

She has grown our awareness,
our consciousnesses into the unfathomable,
revealing truths that lead us
unto beatific inspiration.

Not only the Earth, but the Heavens, themselves
are the Time-vesture of Her Eternal Spirit...

That She involutes/ evolutes into human flesh,
into living stars, with mystic qualities of insight,
of awareness, of sensitivity -- is this not
a wonder of wonders? She allures us on
as living spirits into the depths & breadths
of Her unutterable Mystery of Mysteries --
all a-wonder in-&-out, utterless, beyond words...

We come to Her, spirit to Spirit, our lives
put on for a season (changes in the clothing
of Her vestments) to be laid off
to enter, awow, Her endlessness...

Dimly, we see... intimations of all it means
to be awonder in immortality, entering
infinitely expanded regions, sometimes
close-bordering on the impalpable...
journeying & struggling thru lifetimes of expanding,
sometimes -- in rapture & in tears -- melting into morning...
even dying into You, Beloved... last breath
unto breathlessness... expectations dissolved
into the Yes! of You all-blessing...

~~wynn manners

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