Cosmic Beauty

Cosmic Beauty
Art by Norman E. Masters

i keep coming
back to You!

Where do your eyes dream, now...
thru the night*tide flickerings
behind what wish of whatnext?

Who is it who chases rainbows over whose heart?
...rainbows refracted thru tears
that make holy the memories...

Sweet & enchanting
this dance of memories a liquid flow of melody...

Soft, liquid eyes glow in visionary gaze
love's whisper... tender & enheartening...

"I am who caused you... The very Love
from which you were born was me...

"In me there is no time anywhere..."

And in the still Presence
of Your Essence, Beloved,
my lips tingled from Your kiss

on & on in a bliss of knowing...

~~wynn manners
February 12, 2003

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