Alchemico d'Amore

Alchemico d'Amore
Art by A. Andrew Gonzalez
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just this YES!

All the ways of living,
all the ways of loving You...

Just to hear Your Love Voice
and to *be* the Voice of Your Loving
brings me *alive* in You!

Your Love is a blazerie thru my heart!

Amidst all the wonders known,
You are the Wonder of wonders.
Then You sweep me up
on wings of wonder
into wonders unknown,
in this bliss-melt, our kiss-melt
into each other, as we
get sacramental together...

Nowhere else could i rather be
than Here Now! -- with You!
in this interflux of our confluencies,
melting together...
-- no You, no me,

just this *Yes!*

i am the YES! of ecstasy
undressing the naked Real...

Illusion has clothed Your Mystery, Beloved...
Love unpeels our awakening...

My eyelids are gone --

now my skin is gone --

You're going ALL the way in!

Now my I is gone...
no i, no my...

just *this*

Now no this,
no that,

just --

~~wynn manners
January 11, 2005

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