I am Protennoia.
I am revealed in the immeasureable.
I move in every creature.

I am the life within every Power
and every eternal movement
and invisible Light.

Those who sleep I awaken.
And I am the sight of those who dwell in sleep.
I am the Invisible One within the All.

Whenever I wish I shall reveal myself of my own accord.
I am the head of the All.
I exist before the All and I am the All.

It is through me that Gnosis comes forth.
I am the real Voice.
The Word originated through my Voice.

The Voice that originated
exists as three permanences:
the Father, the Mother, the Son.

I anointed Christ.
Through me the All took shape.

I am the Mother, the Light, the Virgin,
the incomprehensible Womb,
the unrestrainable and immeasureable Voice.

I am the Mother of the Voice
speaking in many ways, completing the All.
It is in me that knowledge dwells --
the knowledge of things everlasting

The Children of the Light know me.
I cast into them the eternally Holy Spirit.

I am the Light that illumines the All.

I came down to the world of mortals
on the account of the Spirit that remains
in that which descended and came forth
from the innocent Sophia.

                             ~~freely extracted/adapted from
                          Trimorphic Protennoia

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