The Flowering of Love

The Flowering of Love
Art by Norman E. Masters

"I am who caused you..."

Your Voice, Beloved, flowing as a soft ripple into my mind.

"I am who caused you. The very Love
from which you were born was me."

Your Voice, & Your Voice alone, so clear in its meaningfulness.
After You spoke the words my lips tingled
for a measurelessly lengthy time -- as if my very soul
had been kissed by You... my body wrapped in a blanket of peace...

Indeed, You are the absolute, unconditional spiritual liberty
of each individual immortal soul; it is Your Essence that makes us
immortal, Mother of all Awesomeness! All Love that has been,
all Love that is now, all Love that will ever be...
comes of your own tender nature to cherish, to nourish...

You are the light of the stars, the blooming of the flowers,
the nameless fragrance that pervades Your ongoing generation
that is called "creation"... But did You "create" the All
that You are -- or did you *grow* All that You are from
the Seed of your own ecstasy -- the infinite dimensions of Your internity?

In You is the flowering of each soul; You are the Source of all variable energy
taking eternal delight in even the wispy wishings & heart-deep dreamings
of each child born into a new world, seeing thru fresh eyes awonder,
a paean of praise upon our suckling lips in their wordless passion to sup
from Your bountifulness...

From Your Love we were born into this immensitude of life's blessings
& we are passionately grateful...

~~wynn manners

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