Energy Being

Energy Being
Art by Norman E. Masters


"The Divine Mother is also the world of Shakti."
-- Voice*Notes, July 2006

Shakti... the very vibrancy of creative energy --
She who is behind all movement, all dynamics,
all change, all growth, all evolution.

Shakti... Shakti... Shakti...
there is a kind of deep-in beauty to the sound of that...
The very sound of "shakti" is sensual & erotic.

i am *hot* for the Body of Shakti... Shakti...
tho Your Body carries the running water
of all the rivers of the world...
& the saltiness of the world-wrapping oceans...

Shakti! You are the love-moanings of divinity,
aboving & belowing... the valley
of Your openness rising to the peak
of the mountain of my longing for you.

You are the blissbless, the peacelove,
the lightdark, the yes!this!
o so momentously climaxing
every solar flare in the universe
in the simultaneity of every awareness
this moment *now*!

You, Sophia! You!
Shakti me! Shake me quivering
into the very core of You,
ejaculating new universes,
to divinely fire the Womb of You
turning inside-out in a
cosmic shout of wonder
& supreme ecstasy...

Shakti! Sizzle me
into effervescent explosion!

i inhale the fragrances of the Breath of Life You Are,
i exhale this bliss of loving You...
in gratefulness for all Your blessings,
for Your Presence in Essence,
in adoration, in total devotion,
in reverence, until finally exhaling
my very *life* into You...

Goddess & Eternity...
Shakti! Shakti! Shakti!
-- into so many loving maternities!

~~wynn manners
February 1, 2008
Twenty-Seventh Day of Epiphany

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