Phoenix of the Eternal, Gustav Dore

Who Will Walk The Sunpaths Of Eternity?

Who will walk the Sunpaths of Eternity
like a Childe coming Home?

Yield, Eternity, & come unto me
with the silent mystery of your deep night.
What *is* written behind the stars?

Open your heavenly Eye
to unveil the universal mystery?
Whose *is* the womb of eternity
-- womb of night -- womb of stars --
-- wonderLight -- so wonderbright --
which has birthed each soul
into Life's delight?
Upon whose breasts did we suckle?

Is the meaning of our destiny
written in runes
a/cross constellations of Light?

Cosmic Mother of Radiances, Mother of Eternity,
Mother of the Aeons & Angels, Mother of the ALL --
sweet Sophia -- numinous in my mind --
You are the Voice from the depths
of the Divine Enigma, whispering,
"We were a song among the stars
& to the stars we shall return;
& we will sing our melody
into strange new universes...
expanding creative infinity..."

                              ~~~ Norea St. John

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