Heart Of The Flower's Hope

Heart Of The Flower's Hope
Art by Norman E. Masters

Shards of the Holy Mirror, the Great Mother

by Rita Adan

Who has the master key to the Treasury of Light?

Who "Lights The Way" for the seekers hungry in their Souls?

What face? What Voice? What Holy Book?

Does the "Truth of the Great Mother" reside in one abode or in a million places, pieces, visions, hearts, shards of gnosis lying deeply asleep within some of us and wide awake and piercingly sharp within others? The Holy Blood drips forth Holy Blood from our own Holy Souls.

At one time The Mirror was whole, complete. Each soul could look into the Wholeness and see so clearly infinitudes and eternities without ceasing.

On the floor before each of us now in this time of war, chaos and spiritual thirst are the shards of that Holy Mirror. Each piece is a Holy Treasure! Each piece wants reunion with the Wholeness.

The purpose of life is to reunite the pieces of the Holy Mirror of the Truth of The Great Mother. In the process of seeking out these shards of gnosis of the "Lost Truth Of the Great Mother" one is bound to come upon pieces that do not seem to fit in any way, shape or form our preconceived, interpreted, laundered comfortable Truth we have clung to for so long.

Where is the reflection of The Truth of the Great Mother? It lies in "Mystery Within" and "Without Us"; and it is strewn everywhere! The seeker will pick up many shards of gnosis, one by one, and place the "Holy Mirror" back together in his own unique way.

Some shards will cut us causing the "Holy Blood of Remembrance" to spill forth. Other shards will be dull and recognized as not a "Piece of The Holy Mirror" within us or a "Truth of The Great Mother".

The God of censorship places Holy Truth in a little box with a pretty wrapping and a bow tied around it and says, "Look at me, but please Open with care and be neat with the mess."

The Goddess of Discovery places "Her Holy Truth" in a sacred place with no parameters or boundaries or taboos and says, "Open my gift with joy and exuberance and unconditionality!"

She stands behind a veil, waiting for those who earnestly seek Her. She stands in "Multiplicity Within the Mirror of Truth"; and that "Mirror lies Within" each of us.

We each meet Her in a place Holy and Sacred. Stepping into Her Reflection we embark upon a journey into our own vast interior. She drops the veils and meets us face to face. She always walks beside us, but often unseen to eyes who have blinders on! She sometimes hands us the pieces in Her Watchfulness and Caring. Just as we think we cannot find another piece and are ready to give up, She reveals Herself!

Though Her face might change "Her Truth Always shines forth Bright and Holy and Pure". That which is false will be as a dark spot, plainly apparent, and will disappear in Her Light.

If this one Shard of Gnosis is a dark spot, a false light, then let each soul determine that for themselves. If it sets upon them as "A Light upon their Path" who am I to stand at the wayside and shout My Truth? The Goddess will surely guide them correctly to glue the Pieces of Her Truth together solidly and clearly, or to throw what seems false in the Cosmic trash can!

July 29, 2006

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