Alchemico d'Amour

Alchemico d'Amour
Art by A. Andrew Gonzalez
Background by Montserrat
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You Are Dance of Stars

o Sophia whose divine face is written in stars... you are the countenance of infinity spelled out across the dimensions of forever... your enigmatic gaze compels an experiencing of mysterious ecstasy in the depths of your unfathomable love & i... a mote in your goddess aye! whirled into the deep & infinite wells of your eyes seek only the sweet felicity of plunging deeper & deeper into your innermost secrets, discovering the secrets of infinity, the enigma of forever hidden behind your veils of mystery... wing me into the infinite cadences of your delightful spirit to mesh -- in joy -- with your all-creating love i am dancing energy, animated, joying in your eternal delight, Sophia you are the dance of stars thru time & flesh of seeing, sweet ecstasy of being; i am/you are this weave of we joy-touching across the light-years, joy-meshing, light interfusing with delight pleroma impregnating the womb of night

~~wynn manners

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