The Secret Rapture

Erotic Flow 2
Art by Norman E. Masters

Knocking At The
Door Of Your Heart

Amidst this inexorable flight
of minutes, hours, days, years...
growing to care (ever more deeply)...
caring to grow... (how far? which star is calling?)
communing with the Silences... to discover -- what?

All the complexities of trying to satisfy
so many expectations of others...
all the social facades -- what small gods are these
that dictate the course of so much of our lives?

The simplest ways bring the supreme delights
freeing up our days,
wonder-filling our nights...

Regardless of time's flight
a true & mellow heart finds intimate friends
to share quiet joys with... in meaningful communion...

Your soul -- in the fullness of its strength --
is tender, delicate & loving...
in intimate harmony with the intricacies of existence.

The kindest part of your softness of heart
nurtures love's fullest growth;
& blessings
both gentle & good
flow from this...

~~wynn manners

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