Art by A. Andrew Gonzalez
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Bride of Light

The Lover of the Bride of Light speaks to his Beloved:

My spirit sang a melody in the Light of the Heavens shining upon us.
The stars, in chorus, harmonized -- with mystic intimations to their
twinklings like the kindly eyes of infinity, secretly knowing the intimacies
we would share, together -- on the edge of Forever, Beloved

Sweet Bride of Light, you *are* my temple of Love Divine,
numinous in time, blazing into Eternity.
In You i have wakened out of Time & come to know what Eternity really means...

Seeing You, being *with* You, Beloved, is a blessedness beyond measure.
You are the treasure of treasures.  You are my cup of joy -- & my joy overflows.
Embosomed in you, you provide a soft swathing of Love
around the infinite Hope that is my heartbeat in you,
my breath, my breathlessness, my deathlessness.

And the Ocean of Eternity billowing endlessly towards the shorelessness of Infinity
is the amorousness of Divinity that wraps us warm -- nestled into the arms of Grace.

The Canticle of Eternity
~~wynn manners

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