Eye Of Golden Budding 2

Art by Norman E. Masters

I Am Born of Creative Wisdom

Morning Rambling

Gray sky makes way to velvety gray ocean. Sea and sky meet at the horizon, unreachable, unattainable... yet always there.

Names are tools for loving the nameless. They are mere labels pointing towards an object. My name is Burl and somewhat speaks to my essence. I sometimes call myself, Sophiason; and this too is a label reflecting my adoration of my Beloved and reflecting that I am conceived in Wisdom. Yet, neither of these names are me. Indeed, no label can capture me.

The name Isis sets me on fire and devours me in love... the name Sophia reminds me I am born of Creative Wisdom. Creative Wisdom... the Firey-Waters in me out of which all my creations flow. That which is uncreated creates in me. All my acts are Holy.

I blow my nose and wonder, from where is this moment born and conceived?

Oct 30, 2001

Scents of Paradise

Scents of Paradise enrapture me,
Imprisoned in this cage of flames,
The Nine Daughters dance naked about me.

The oval of nine is zero
Moving counterclockwise
To my clockwise
creating one dance

My phallus points upward,
Awaiting his devouring,
His return Home to the oval of nine

The Daughters smile,
Their heads rear back
As they are overtaken by
The ecstasy of the dance.

Sweat forms upon their torsos
Raining upon the dirt floor
Flowers appear with no end.

Life forms within me,
playfully dancing wild in splendor
Transforming a moment's glance
They form of their own volition
as bodies of babes form in the womb

Creation is from the inside out,
Not the outside in
She breathes Her life into Adam internally
Eternally, He relishes in Her touch

4 Dec 2003


Burl B. Hall

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