The Shores of You

Art by Norman E. Masters


Fire burns

     blood's red heat

earth-clay clots flesh

     firm, soft- just here

water, sea signs herself   

     gives drink to all that is dry

air, breathes life

     carries words

     indwells kisses.



     aroma- clings even as we cleave. 


Gentle caress:

     looking relaxes into seeing.

I am seen, even as I see

     your light-body enters my eyes

          eyes hold, but not take

          receive what is given, most by indirection

what was two

     now is one.


Your body emanates ten thousand aromas

     blended into your essence 

my body emanates ten thousand aromas

     blended into my essence.

We touch, ever so lightly

     rub, ever so fiercely

and a great multitude of angels wing free

     gather into moot

          that was many, now is one.


What comes from your lips

     from your tongue

breath-become-sound reaches out to my ears

     enters, touches inner parts

          sets them dancing.

To hear is to dance to another's soul-music

     no empty dance, this

          your word seeds my flesh

          whom I bear is not me, nor you

               some wholly other

               some holy wholly other.


That of you, which comes to my lips

     visits my tongue, sets taste buds abloom

          flowers open, fruits set

the taste thereof is good

     my bones are strong, joints supple

you member every taste where we meet.

Frank John Culley

Urantia 3, Art by Norman E. Masters

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