LightFlight Ascent

LightFlight Ascent
Art by Norman E. Masters

Holding On

The golden butterflies of love cannot be held on to. They turn to dust in the grasping hand. There is an art that archers know; they become the balance of stillness and movement, and release the arrow of themselves, knowing the target will find the arrow. Not the arrow the target.

When you feel this stillness in movement, you will feel the love that draws you, like a bowstring in the hand of the Beloved. You will know that you can never miss the heart of love, for love makes itself the universe. A mark that desire will attain, no matter where it flies to.

I Am with You, becomes I Am You. What you release you give to yourself. What you hold on to, you keep as a tension between what you are, and what you will to become. No wonder our knees tremble with the strain of this clutching at straw flowers. Nothing can bud and release itself if the miser of fear will not let go.

You cannot keep a golden butterfly. The nectar you need, it must fly to, for you to receive it. There is something to be done with your life. Something to be undone. The past is a ball of string that we have been winding, winding, winding. A spring that is wound-up so tight, that it is neither here nor there, but an apprehension of a stress the mind has long forgot how to let go of.

It's no coincidence we talk of heart strings. We pull back on the bow of love and forget to loose the action that draws the flight of our intent. Holding on to the arrow, as if it could, by itself, become what it desires to be.

If you have something in your hand, that you are holding onto, you are still seeking to be the love that you are. You are holding something in hand for a rainy day, when a down pouring of yourself is the only way to get you to start swimming. Release yourself from this cloud of knowing, and be carried away on the flood. The golden butterflies of your love can fly only in a sky that has become an ocean of you.

Dear brother-sister-Mine,
We are One idea,
One creation and One vision.
This is the Truth of being and seeing.
You create my world, and I create yours.
If you deny me, and race to the ends of the earth,
our heart is still inseparably One.
Our thoughts, enlighten or shadow our view.
I would not darken my mind against you.
Nor would I prevail upon you, but release and be released.
This moment is our salvation. We rest in a perfect day.
For what is the meaning of you if I am not you also,
and how could we miss each other?
This is being the seen of God.
It is a vision that can only be realized
when two visions become one Love.
The potential of us all is the measure of infinity.
Do not hold on, but release
the butterfly in your hand........
Love insures against all loss.
This is the truth of being and seeing.


Eric Ashford

from Dancing With Sophia


All text on this page is Copyrighted 2001 by Eric J. Ashford.


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