Blossoming Synthesis

Blossoming Synthesis

Art by Norman E. Masters

The Golden Transition

My luminous *yes!*
embraces with blissing
wonderfilling you
because your seeking is sincere

All are dear to me
but most are far from me
Those who are near to me
Are those to whom i am more dear than their
very selves to themselves
These are the ones who enter me most deeply

My cosmic mind is the yoni of your dreams
My Love, instreaming,
is the heartbeat of your present
in my Presence
i am your numinosity
& you are my luminosity
luminesce! o numen-all-adoring!
& you will soar with lightwings
into shining rainbows arcing promises FULLfilling
infilling the willing-to-be
in the awe-of-All of me...

The awareness sleeps in so many -- 
awaiting the awakening...

Ambitions are ego dreams 
that turn into life's nightmares...

Beyond ambition is aspiration...

Let not your heart's highest aspirations -- 
o shining light becoming --
turn into the leaden weight of ambition...

Golden the transition... 
deep blue, the infinite You...

~~norea st. john
March 19, 2003

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