Mystic Cosmos

Mystic Cosmos
Art by Norman E. Masters

Light Caressing Light

i can be but a reflection of Your First Pure Light...
or more a reflection of a reflection of a reflection...
but *seeking* Your numinosity, all-luminous, Beloved...
nor to be separated from the Darkness of Your Mysteries...

What secrets to be shared, between us, baring what awesomeness?

Tho a glimpse of Your Light *shock*!ed me awake from a Dream of You,
not even knowing, then, that it was really You i was seeking,
COME to me, & across the decades, embracing... dilating me
into Your Seeing, into sweet intimations
of the Fullness of Your Being.

Let me see as You See, Beloved -- wherever/ whenever such is possible.

If i can be -- in flesh -- but a dim reflection
of what You are -- within the darkness of the depths
of the void of my unknowing... still, just feeling You near,
Your Presence enwrapping me... i know i am not alone...

You are Source enough for me. If there be further Source
from which *You* came, such cannot be a return for me now,
with all i have to *do* for You. For You have *told* me "DO"!

i *want* to (ever) be this close to You...

In You is the connection to All That Is & All that can be...
indeed already *is* in Your Eternity-beyond-Time...

What is yet coming-into-being, here/now for me,
already *is* to Your Seeing... Phrases from the pages
of my tomorrows are fed into my mind, upon the thought-tides,
in this "past" compared to "then" -- my *now*, ever being
recorded as my yesterdays, so often, already...

Who reflected Whom in the Beginning -- before all beginnings?
Did the Heavenly Father reflect *You* into being,
or did You reflect Him? Or, in some way, in Your co-reflection
of each other, the Eons began... time,
the reflection-of-a-reflection run-off spill....

Does not our Heavenly Father
-- in the consciousness of which Son of Light --
weep, even now remembering, those first
fresh moments with His Light-Twin, Shekhina?
His loneliness in the All...
now filled with Her splendors... or was it
Her loneliness in the All now filled with *His*?
& does it matter?

In Love He points to Her and says, "*You!* *You* were the Beginning
of This Love -- for how could Love become without You?"
And She says, "He is my Source; from His Light I came, to His Light
I return. How could I know myself as myself until twained in Him?"

And each says the same of the other -- in the Eternal Loving...
this knot of Infinity, co-reflective Divinity,
when S/He became She - He.
And each knows that what each says of each is also so...

Light caressing Light caressing Light caressing Light...
Light's delicatest caresses... All-Loving in Light's blessing
of caressing... LightFlow, LightRipples,
LightWeave, interWe*ing, reverent lightsomeness, each
interpenetrating/ interfusing/ internesting with each,
such a delicious reaching *into* Core of the Infinite Immensitudes
each within each, this golden felicity, the wonder of Heavenly Father
the Mystery of You, Beloved...
Light's undercurrents, Love's wondercurrents...
teardrops of living light in cadent lightfall,
in just *knowing* You, caressing You, joying in You,
teardrops of Pure Light caught in silkenstrands
of *Your* light, teardrops reflecting
teardrops reflecting teardrops...
in the Infinite growing, weeping
in tenderness for You as You enwrap them
in Your mesh. O golden felicity in the wonder & mystery of You,
thru a light-sieve of tenderness... the water of the abyss becomes...

"But know me, too, in the Darkness that is deepest within..."

~~wynn manners

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