Crystal Flower Persian

Crystal Flower Persian
Art by Norman E. Masters

She Cradles
The Virgin Sign

Yes -- She is rocking the boat of time!
She cradles the virgin sign...
She is in charge, now... the Feminine Divine...

How else can all that *can* be come into being?
Change is essential.  So She is rocking and rolling,
shifting and turning, blossoming and burning deeply within.

With the cry of our uttermost being, as Breath of our very breath
She will break thru -- birthing the new --
eternity into time... under the virgin sign...

The invisible transforms the visible,
inflooding the knowing, unfolding the growing
inspired by Hope, inspirited into wonder...

o beauty blossoming in the bliss of Her becoming
mortals begin feeling Her deep inner alchemy
that begets immortality... awakening into the emancipation
of the fullness of Her wo/manifestation

Virgin Mother of the All, cradling divinities...
in Your Womb of awe this wonder! --
birthing Eternity into Time... Your Presence, sublime...

What Heaven, this?! -- dancing in Your bliss!

~~from Inter*Fusions
~~wynn manners

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