The Light Of Change

Art by Norman E. Masters

Earth Singing

Sing an earth tune to the universe, and the universe shall sing in your earth. Sing the world of your being. Nothing is without your mindfulness. Nothing within it, that is not a part of this sentient song. This earth tune that sings you into being. This melody of the multi-forming in emptiness. Listen. Let mind be the tympanum that plays this earth song. Know that all things sing in the body of God.

Rock, fire and water are drumming in the sky of God's heart. Can you hear the movement of every substance as it echoes in the soul of intelligence? It is not far to find yourself. Music is arriving and transforming your arrival to this moment, even as you arrive. Even as you have arrived and will always arrive perfectly pitched on this note of you. The angel of infinite light dances in the rock, fire and ocean of spirit. The world can open in your heart, like a flowering of sound. Are you not this flower of God's sounding - Sentience of everything? Listen.

Man is a stardusting of wakefulness. The body of his substance he holds within him to speak of a love bound together in the act of music making. His soul is the voice of a union of all, transpiring into infinite mind-space, an aspiring dance of mineral, animal and botanical science. Rock, fire and water are the word made flesh; but it is all one intelligence, one awakening of you.

Something has happened together; and mind has become human. You have become earth-man to sing of the world transpiring from its soul in you. Yet do not mistake this cognizance as yours alone. To say we are the culmination of this sentience is only a half-truth; the other half of this truth is that man is a becoming of earth, wind and fire. A galaxy fusing into greater being. Understand? This is how suns are born.

This life is the shortest journey you can make to God. Nothing can find this intelligence without inclusion of all that it is. Evolution is not the survival of the fittest. That is just a superficial phenomena. A solar flare, a rekindling of mentality. It is a melting together of all intelligence and the knowing that nothing evolves separately. Man is his cosmos. He is the creature of heavenly union, his water and flesh made perfect by an alchemy of universal attraction.

A Sun begins to sing of itself when it radiates its substance. The earth of your god-being sings also in its illumination. Spiritual beings must have a world experience; how else could creation manifest? How else could God's intelligence return to know itself, if not through substance, if not through time? Time is your gift to eternity. Sing it. This singing of your earth is God's ignition in the heart of substance. Make it your song of the world, not a concept of spirit, but the spirit of all things that sing of existence.

Listen. You are the song of the earth, and the earth of God's becoming. All creation comes through the nexus of this awareness. She must have you be Her in every form of Her. No flower ever bloomed without the soil being taken up to the blossom. The soul of the world transcends in you, when you sing from the root of Her experience. When you begin to drum with this awareness, She can open you up to a song of the universe. A heaven of You, that could not leave you, and is always arriving to wait for your participation. In your hurrying, do not forget to bring the world to creation's caroling. Do not sing of a kingdom you cannot see; but make a song of this earth flowering, that it can sing into being its kingdom. The universe of all things sings in you.

The world has no ending, for it has its being in you. There is always a world of you. An occurrence of new realities to sing into the heart of being. Can you hear the song of love speaking your name into this new awakening? Love has gathered you together from a sea of music to be this next wave of Her sentience. If you are a drum now, think how it will be to be an orchestra. No one gets to heaven by being spirit alone. First he must be the spirit of all things. Listen.

Make everything possible.
In the truth of God's Idea.
You are known in the Heart of Creation;
you are its being and perpetual fulfillment.


Eric Ashford

from Dancing With Sophia


All text on this page is Copyrighted 2001 by Eric J. Ashford.


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