Radiant Stretch Delectica

Radiant Stretch Delectica
Art by Norman E. Masters

The Nakedness of True Being

Adam-Eve is thought to be an historical man and woman, existing in time much as Abraham Lincoln is thought to exist in time. I say Adam-Eve is us in our primacy. Go deep within and you will see the innocence of Adam-Eve in the nakedness of your true being. Adam-Eve is as much alive as (S)He was at the beginning of the Bible. To know your Son-Daughter-ship in God is to know that when the Lord said, "Let there be light," we flowed forth, not in times past, but here and now. There is a cloud of perceptions and conceptualizations of the self and the world that cloud over innocence. These thoughts are the animal skins that have caused us to be banned from the Garden of Peace. They keep us from our naked essence. They bar us from freedom.

It is in ignorance that we say we are living in an enlightened age. Our technologies and sciences make us think we are something to behold. Yet we smash over the innocent creatures in our back yard, destroy rainforests, and allow ourselves to be enslaved to commercialized technologies and crazed political, scientific and religious theories. I say we are living in dark ages for we know nothing of our nudity. We cover ourselves in shame and point the finger of blame onto others. The beginning of enlightenment is to see the face of the terrorist out there as being a manifestation of the same fear that is within you. Knowing this is the beginning of the striptease. Once we unveiled ourselves in this fashion, Adam and Christ would unite as one in us. The fallen Son would be revealed as the resurrected and the world would become known once more as sacred.

Sophia has but one Daughter-Son and that Daughter-Son is you and I. To know this Daughter-son-ship is to surrender and die. It is to put your head on the chopping block of Sophia's sacrificial altar. Allowing yourself to die to Sophia takes a lot of trust and love. Conception and the unfolding of potential occur by the act of sacrifice. Physical conception, for example, occurs upon surrender of semen to woman and the dissolving of sperm into egg. Likewise, it is only in the ego death of surrender to Sophia that you can be resurrected. Once you die to your self by becoming food for Sophia, a new life will shine forth from the inner most depths of your being and you will be known as the Mother of God for His light will shine forth from the depths of your being and will illuminate the world.

This is what we all know as the original Christmas present. The present occurs not in historical time, but in the timeless depths of our selves that is eternally now.

4 Dec 2002

Confronting Darkness

Dive deep into the gathering gloom
Be not afraid of Her infinite, empty womb.

Intimate, infant and infinite are words that rhyme.
Loving Her deeply is the end of time.

21 Dec 2003


Burl B. Hall

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